Call to Action!

The Warepo Beye Foundation seeks urgent aid to assist an honored elder (pikenani) of the Waorani Nation. Paba Yeti, of the Kiwaro community, is gravely ill and in need of support from our larger, global community. With your help, we can save her life.

La Fundación Warepo Beye busca ayuda urgente para ayudar a un abuela honrado (pikenani) de la Naciónalidad Waorani: Paba Yeti, de la comunidad de Kiwaro. Ella está gravemente enfermo y necesita el apoyo de nuestra comunidad global más amplia. Con tu ayuda, podemos salvar la vida de ella.

Paba Yeti is seated here with her young son and Gabriel Alvarado Nenquimo (in the crown).

As always, 100% of your donations will go toward the purchase of vital supplies and medicine for people and communities of the Waorani Nation in crisis.

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